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    Sassy Sushi Sorter, Multi

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    Designed to look like a Jack, this baby Jack has tons of activity to discover

    From about 6 months allow baby to engage with the sushi shapes. Baby will use their sense of touch to explore the textures and forms. Name the colors of each shape to baby. Repetition will help them to understand the object or color name Association.

    As baby matures, help them line the sushi's up in a row. This activity is the first step in understanding principles of Engineering and building. Show baby that there are 2 of each shape, group the like shapes together and describe to baby.

    As baby becomes comfortable with discovering the properties of each shape, show them how to put the shapes into their corresponding holes in the top of the sorter.

    Once baby has mastered this skill, demonstrate the color match. "Put the purple square sushi piece in the purple square" And so on. Make up your own games and have fun!

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