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    Front Load Washer Mold and Odor Prevention Rescue Your Washing Machine Helps your Washer Dry Properly to Prevent Odors (Blue)

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    • NO MORE YUCKY WASHER: This magnetic front loading washing machine door prop allows the seal and inside of your machine to dry out between uses to stop nasty smells and formations from growing. Finally, your laundry room and clothes will smell fresher and cleaner.
    • CLEAR THE WAY: Stop bumping into the washing machine door whenever you go into your laundry room with our front load washer door prop. This holder props the door of your washer open so it frees up storage space—making it perfect for both small and large laundry rooms.
    • STRONG MAGNETIC HOLD:Works with all washers, even washers that have a non-magnetic door and/or and door frame.We are equipped with Two sticky steel sheets, which can be attached to non-metallic surfaces, which can perfectly solve the problem that the magnets cannot be absorbed. Stays attached, even if your washer door is opened or accidentally bumped.
    • FULL-FUNCTIONING:Two rubber coated magnet ends hold onto your washer and the door. Please attach the strong-character end to the washing machine, and the weak-character end to the door panel.Stops your door from closing, while at the same time stops it from swinging opened. Allows for a wide range of door openings.
    • SAFE FOR YOUR WASHER:Made of Soft and Durable Silicone Rubber. Won’t mar your washer. You should NEVER put something hard or rigid between your washer and its door! This could lead to damage to your washer should you accidentally lean into its door.
    Why does your washing machine have peculiar smells and even mold inside the laundry compartment after using it for a long time?  This is because the washing machine did not open the ventilation after use to let the laundry compartment completely dry.  This product of ours now perfectly solves this problem. holds your washer door slightly ajar, so that air can circulate in and out, promoting proper drying stops washer odor. Instructions: Remove the sticker on the back of the steel sheet and attach the steel sheet to the door panel of the washing machine or washing machine.  Please attach the (strong)-character end to the washing machine, and the (weak)-character end to the door panel. Works with almost all washers. Included 3M adhesive backed magnetic Catch Disks provide secure attachment to even non-magnetic washer doors and/or frames.  You choose where to place your(Strong)and(weak), to adjust for the door opening that works best for you! Soft, flexible silicone rubber, with an open "spring-like" design lets the(Strong)and(weak)move with your washer door just like a little shock absorber.  This protects your washer from damage if the door is accidentally bumped or leaned into.

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